How much money do you loose when not working with SEO?

Recently I had a discussion with a client in which we had been working for a while but since some time we stopped working with SEO due to the launch of a new website.

Calling him up in order to give him my compliments for the new website we started to talk about performance and the client said:

“We are smashing it, the new website is growing and indexing itself!”

I went in to his Google Analytics account as we still had access and found to my surprise that the trend was actually negative and getting worse!

drop in seo traffic

He launched the new website in April 2015 and as you can see the drop became severe after that and in order to estimate the damage we went into the e-commerce section in Google Analytics in order to find his e-commerce parameters and this is what we saw:

Avg. Conversion Rate %: 2,84%.

Avg. Order Value: 459 euro.

Estimated loss in traffic 1-15 June 2015 Vs. 2015 – 1939 organic sessions.

Estimated loss in revenue 1-15 June 2015 Vs. 2015 -12.638 euro.

So the guy is actually loosing 12K per 15 days and he feels ok with it. Of course after my email he came back to us with an urgent request for action and this is what we proposed:

1. Status report: Which are pages loosing traffic?

2. Why are they loosing traffic?

3. How can we best recover the lost traffic?

4. Do we need to build more links?

So in the light of the loosing 25K per month in lost revenue due to lost SEO traffic our agency fee for a SEO consultant is around 10% of that loss so the questions remain. Can you afford not to hire us?

loss of cash