Today we had the great honor to sit down with Greta Lomaestro, head of Digital PR for Optimized Group. We had the pleasure to chat about her career in Optimized, her background and what she sees for herself and the company down the road.


Can you please tell us why you signed on with Optimized Group and in what shape you found the company?

The reason why I accepted the challenge to come on board was that I saw and I still see a young and dynamic company with a great deal of potential. I also saw a great opportunity to grow and to learn new disciplines and skills.

Can you please describe your 1st month in Optimized Group? 

It was completely different from what I was used to and the learning curve was very aggressive. But I learned a lot during the 1st month and I was very positive about the change.

In what state did you find your department when you arrived?

When I came on board, the department needed to be revamped, and eventually built from scratch. This was a great challenge but also a great opportunity, something that I accepted without hesitation. Due to the nature of things, it was necessary to implement best practices, procedures and also recruit new staff. Looking back at what we had then and what we have now, it is two completely different worlds.

When did you get promoted and why?

After a couple of months in my new role, my manager took me aside and said that he needed me to build up the best Digital PR department in Italy. He asked if I was ready to take on that task, and I said yes.

I think he chose me because I always put passion into what I do, I’m always honest and I have a great deal of integrity.

These are values that I bring with me from my family and that I am proud to have.

What is the most difficult thing you encounter as department head?

Being a middle manager means that you are under constant pressure and cross fire. On one hand, you need to execute the orders given to you by the top management and on the other hand, you need to take care of your group and bring forward their thoughts to the management. It is a two-way communication street that needs to be mastered.

How do you deal with the pressure and expectations from your line manager?

I come to work each day with the attitude to do my very best, putting in the max effort and delivering results. The pressure is always extremely high and orders needs to be followed but fortunately there is always space for dialogue and sometimes also space for compromises.

A final question: Can you name a historical person you admire and why?

Since I come from a literary background, I have a great admiration for people that manage to change society with their creativity and genius rather than with brutal force. One great example is Oscar Wilde, one of my favorite writers. The juxtaposition of his disruptive lifestyle and the works of art he created, for me, is an amazing achievement.

Greta Lomaestro continues to head her Digital PR department with passion and dedication, bringing motivation to her colleagues and watching them and the company grow as a team. We thank her very much for taking the time to speak with us and we wish her the best of luck in the future.