Why you should not leave your online marketing in hands of amateurs

During my 7 years in the business and 5000+ cold calls, this is a conversation I have had far too many times.

Me:  Hi, we are calling from Optimized Group and we would like to help you grow online.

Prospect: No thanks, we already have somebody that takes care of our online marketing.

Me: May I ask who, I have seen that there are plenty of things we can improve.

Prospect: By our nephew.

Me: Do you think it is wise letting your nephew handle your online marketing?

Prospect: He is actually an engineer so he knows what he is doing!

Me: Ok, enjoy your day.

Some things that always surprise me when having these conversations are:

bad example

1. How can serious companies with intentions to grow delegate to a family member just in order to keep cost down on such a vital thing as their online marketing?

2. Since when did an engineer become an online marketing expert? From what I know, an engineer is somebody that has studied advanced subjects in order to build roads, tunnels, infrastructures, phone lines or other complex solutions. He or she has not studied Kotler’s marketing basics or Porters Five Forces, nor does he or she know how to conduct a ROI driven Adwords campaign. It’s not like these skills come as complimentary gifts to an engineering degree.

The point is: You may save some euros in the beginning and maybe it will work for 6, 12 or 18 months delegating to a non-skilled person the task of handling your online marketing. But the day will come, even in the most non-internet oriented businesses, when your competitors start doing professional online marketing and you will remain behind and lose precious revenue.

The effort it will take you to retake terrain and fix the damage once the market picks up speed is far greater than investing right in this very moment, letting a professional online marketing company handle your investments online.

Because seriously… you would not let an accountant perform surgery on you, would you?