I know I’m not alone in saying that checking my mobile phone regularly for updates has become quite a habit. It seems that newspapers and computers have been moved aside in preference of these technological devices. Becoming so powerful that they are now being used as a marketing ploy for many companies and a successful one at that.


Most people, expanding from Generation Y to the older individuals now use their devices to check the internet and social media platforms. E-mailing from the comfort of phones, live tweeting and Facebook stalking has slowly but effectively become an everyday occurrence in everyone’s lives. So of course businesses have realised how much they can benefit massively from this type of social media marketing and are using this new phenomenon in the fight against competitors to grab your attention.

In fact, most potential consumers will access your company through their phones whether you want them to or not, therefore it is essential that they have a good experience when browsing your website. So here a few reasons why it is crucial to establish an attractive reputation in this social media crazed world:

Women typing on mobile phones

Right place, right time: It is pivotal to send out your messages at the best time for each type of consumer. They are not going to pay attention if it is during ten on a Monday morning. So make sure to target at when they will be most willing to listen, during the weekend, special holidays and so on. This is valuable as will increase your number of potential consumers.

Personal techniques: Building a personal relationship with your customer is an important aspect of successful marketing. So when messaging about special events and so on. Or if they are accessing your online platforms, add a personal touch by having programs that greet them by their name, sending them a birthday message and of course always add in a bit of information. It can be a special event, sale or upcoming new product. The customer will appreciate the extra amenities and be more likely to browse, while allowing you to build a relationship with them.

Opportunities for different strategies: Marketing through mobiles gives the opportunity to experiment . It is best to test out some ad extensions with different AdWords campaigns and see how they work out. While always remembering to benchmark your results to keep on top of findings and being able to use to best social media strategy for you and your company.

Young Beautiful Woman Using Her Mobile Phone In The Street.

These are just some reasons in a long line of advantages of using mobile phones as an effective marketing tool. So if your business is not already in tune with this new, modern strategy, I strongly suggest you jump on the bandwagon as soon as possible. It helps you keep up with competitors, build up a bigger loyal customer base while helping you keep up with the ever changing industry of social media.  


Kerri McCartney, Digital PR and social media marketing assistant