It is time to sum up this year of business for Optimized Group and first of all I would like to thank the staff for their great efforts during this hectic year.

The year has not been an easy one; we have completely restructured the company, created new departments, hired new staff and created a tip of the spear delivery.

So what have been the events for 2014?

Creating a winning team

We now have one of the best teams in Europe and I have never seen anything like this during my 7 years in the business.

We have people such as Greta Lomaestro, Silvia Borsa, Tonia La Marca, Heather Di Maio and Amandine Dowle that have helped me creating the best Digital PR delivery in Europe. Their positive “can do attitude” have taken the Digital PR and Social department to a level I only could dream of 12 months ago.

We also have managed to attract some of the best SEO and SEM resources on the market where I now proudly can introduce people such as: Fabio Muciaccia, Mario Mariani and Tiziana Dedola. Their attention to details and passion for their job bring clear and tangible results for our clients.

In addition to this we have also created a winning sales team that each day hammer the market with the mission to help Italian companies to grow online trough a well-defined marketing investment. We have people such as Giuseppe Fussone that came on board in the company some 6 months ago and now is a full spectrum business development manager. We also have great guys such as Christian Bertelli that recently closed his first mayor contract and thus gaining name and confidence on the market.

All the individuals mentioned above contribute to the daily growth of this company but more important they contribute to the growth of our clients!


Record in revenue

Even though we have faced a restructuring program during 2014 we have actually managed to hit a record in revenue. This we have managed thanks to the fact that we keep clients happy and that we sign with new ones. We are confident that we in 2015 will hit the magic 1 million Euro mark and thus become a player to take into consideration on the Italian market.

Final words

Speaking from the heart I would finally want to thank all our clients giving us their trust and business. Nothing of this would have been possible if it where not for you.

We will continue to work hard and well for you in order to make your business grow even more during 2015.

Next year will be the year when we conquer the market, I can feel it in the air: the crew is motivated, the delivery flawless and the competition is being smashed one by one.

Merry Christmas

Niklas Lindahl

CEO Optimized Group